Advocacy Highlights

On Thursday, 11 November, President Stuart Bostock launched the first Future of Cayman Forum. Sixty men and women representing private business associations, Government ministries, departments and statutory authorities met to discuss the five essential drivers identified critical to build a sustainable future going forward for our Islands.

What makes the Future of Cayman Forum different is that it has brought together the public and private sectors and placed us firmly on the same page.

No individual company or business interest is represented, only associations’ heads and industry representatives. This coupled with the Premier’s support and endorsement has left the stage wide open for honest and open discussions about how we can work together for a prosperous future. The Future of Cayman Forum is guided by a steering committee made up of 13 private and public sector representatives and chaired by Chamber Councillor Shayne Howe. These are exciting times.

“Someone once said that the future belongs to those who prepare for it today. With that in mind, it can surely be said that this initiative by the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce is very important to the future well being of the Cayman Islands. I applaud the Chamber of Commerce for bringing us together in this forum.

The Cayman Islands Government encourages this initiative and lends its support to it. In order to prepare for the future we must not just discuss it. We must have a vision of what we want our country’s future to be like and draw a road map to achieve that vision. It also requires us to have the vision to see what world conditions are likely to be many years from now and how we fit into that big picture.”

Premier W. McKeeva Bush

“The Future of Cayman Forum may have been initiated by the Chamber of Commerce but it now belongs to us all. It is a solid premise for us to move forward with meaningful dialogue and move towards a unified strategic plan, but it is also the individual consideration and the collective effort we put into it that will make it ultimately successful.”

“This is not an initiative to meet for the sake of meeting. This is not a meeting to feel good that you are involved in something. We are all far too busy for that. I honestly hope that today’s discovery of working together, will commit you all to the process of the Future of Cayman and that your efforts will continue. I look forward to a larger and even more productive Forum in 2011 under the leadership of Dr. Dax Basdeo. Although challenging, these are exciting times and by putting our heads together today, tomorrow we can capture the opportunities as the world emerges.”

President Stuart Bostock – Membership Services Highlights

The Chamber of Commerce moved into new offices in Governors Square on 1 September and invites our membership to visit our new facilities if you haven’t done so already. The move fulfills an important action item in the Chamber’s three year strategic plan to improve our office accommodations so that we can provide our membership with better facilities, more parking and easier access as we expand our programmes, services and member benefits.

The new office includes a state-of-the-art conference/training facility that can seat up to 80 persons, a Visitors Information Centre with brochure racks and flat screen television to promote our tourism members products and services more effectively and small business pods that will assist Caymanian entrepreneurs and industry associations. The Chamber Pension Plan and the Junior Achievement programme also have set up office at the Chamber.

The move to Governors Square allows for the development of a more traditional Chamber of Commerce role by becoming a visitors centre for tourists and overseas investors to our Islands. We look forward to being a one-stop-shop for members, business associations, visitors, investors and residents.

Programme & Events Highlights

The Leadership Cayman programme, which was launched in January 2010 is an extraordinary programme developed in answer to a need to ensure men and women of all types of backgrounds could access the information and experience to help them develop as leaders within our community. The six-month programme is designed to allow participants a deeper understanding of social, economic, business and political issues affecting us all, while they develop their own personal leadership styles and nourish their community spirit.

Class members interact with diverse, high-level community leaders and decision makers by organising and attending a series of seminars and retreats in areas ranging from business, government, education, media, social services, criminal justice, diversity, the arts and more. A trip to the Sister Islands will also introduce the group to some of the unique issues facing Cayman Brac and Little Cayman as our smaller and less developed communities.

Meeting typically every other Thursday of the month (5–9pm), the LC group forges strong friendships as they take this inspiring journey together. Each graduating class is invited to join the LC Alumni Association and use it to network both here in the Cayman Islands and also with similar overseas programmes.

Communications highlights

The CHAMBER magazine has seen some improvements over the last year as we seek to update the Chamber’s image and better communicate our work and vision to the Cayman public. The design is more modern and the content easier to digest. We have introduced more creative ways for our members to promote themselves in the magazine and advertising has increased significantly.

Our cover now depicts local faces who relate to each quarters’ focus with a corresponding interview inside. The positive feedback from our members and the community has been very satisfying.

The Chamber magazine features in-depth articles concerning the local and international business community. Each of the four editions centre on a specific theme, focusing on business trends, advice and resources. Regular topics are included in each issue, aimed at a specific target audience within the Chamber of Commerce and the wider community.

12,000 copies are printed with 10,000 copies inserted in the Caymanian Compass on the second Wednesday of every quarter. The magazine is also distributed to every Chamber member and to various retail outlets around Grand Cayman. An e-version is available on CFP and the Chamber of Commerce websites. The Chamber also sends this link to their international trade contacts.