Small steps towards a greener future

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Old habits die hard. Although the desire to make certain changes may be genuine, actually instigating those changes can be difficult.

This is particularly true when it comes to being greener: we all want to do it, but the green alternatives aren’t always the most effective or economical.

Going green need not be a total transformation, however, says Sharon Smith, President of Reliable Industries. Every little helps, and even small changes, when added up, amount to something significant. 

Sharon urges people to think about their lifestyles and select a few key areas where they might find it easiest to switch to more environmentally responsible ways: for some it might be ditching the paper towel in favour of reusable microfiber cloths, for others eliminating plastic cups, plates and take out containers, or phasing out conventional household cleaning products and  replacing them with greener, gentler alternatives.

If every one of us makes a concerted effort to make some small, greener changes, the cumulative effective for the community as a whole will be a large one. Together we can make a difference, says Sharon. 

Reliable Industries carry a number of eco-friendly and green paper products, cleaning supplies and chemicals, all of which they have personally tested and been satisfied with.  They are also happy to order in specific products their customers request. Reliable Industries can help you take the first small steps on the road to a greener tomorrow.

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