Lionfish Culling

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Corporate giving a must in Cayman 

> Coalitions of local businesses have formed to battle the hordes of lionfish that have invaded the Cayman Islands’ reefs.

Companies that help sponsor lionfish culling dives, tournaments and cook-offs include Foster’s Food Fair, Diamonds International, Home Gas, Michael’s Genuine and Vampt Motors, as well as dive shops such as Ambassador Dives, Divetech, Divers Down and Red Sail.

In mid-January, dive resorts in Little Cayman banded together to put on the first Little Cayman Lionfish Awards for 2011. Dive operators and resorts on Little Cayman also cull lionfish during cooperative dives, rather than just individually. Sponsors of the Lionfish Awards included Cayman Airways, Scubapro, Blue Ocean Art, Jacques Scott Liquors, Divers Supply, Divetech and Cobalt

Coast Resort, Sunset House, Trident Diving Supplies, Little Cayman Beach Resort, Pirates Point Resort, Conch Club Divers, Paradise Villas and the Southern Cross Club.