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 One of the main lessons people learned from the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan is that working, motorised transport is a precious commodity. Your vehicle is one of your biggest assets, so treat it as such. When hurricane season approaches, your car should be one of the items at the top of your preparedness checklist.

Tony’s Toys has seen many an automobile shudder through its doors with problems that could have been prevented with the proper maintenance. Don’t wait until the storm is imminent. Now is the time to follow this service centre’s crucial advice:

Before the storm

  • Get your vehicle properly serviced to make sure it has no hidden issues.
  • Ensure that your battery is fully charged.
  • Have your tyres checked for any condition faults.
  • Wiper blades should be in good shape; otherwise have them replaced.
  • If you can’t get your vehicle to higher ground, disconnect the battery.



 After the storm

  • Check to see if the car has suffered any obvious damage.
  • Even if it starts immediately, take it to a reliable service centre such as Tony’s Toys. It doesn’t have to be flooded in order to be compromised. Strong, salt-laden winds can get into the engine, kill the battery and destroy the electrical systems. A post-storm service can significantly reduce the risk of future complications.

Should the worst occur and you find yourself without transport, Tony’s Toys leases cars at very competitive rates for a month or longer. No matter what, they’ll keep you on the road.