Go Gas Ltd + Energy Efficient Calculator = SAVINGS!

Mr. Go Gas wants to help consumers understand the benefits of switching to Energy Efficient Propane appliances from Electric Energy Guzzling appliances with the new Go Gas Energy Savings Calculator. 

The calculator is an estimate of how much you can save each year by switching to propane appliances.  It lets you choose your appliance and your approximate amount of usage per month and then calculates how much you can potentially save each year by switching one, two or three appliances to propane. 

On average, switching to propane can save you over 50% on energy bills.  The calculator also estimates the amount of CO2 emissions saved by using propane instead of electricity as an energy source.  Propane is the cleanest burning fossil fuel available in the Cayman Islands producing less than 1/3 the amount of CO2 as electricity. 

That is like a size 5 Carbon Footprint instead of a size 15!  You will find the Energy Savings Calculator at www.gogas.pro to estimate your potential savings and then call Mr. Go Gas for a FREE estimate and advice on installation. 

Mr. Go Gas has over 14 years experience in propane design and installations so make the right choice and Go Gas to start saving some of your GREEN$$.

Go Green – Go Gas and “get it done right the first time”

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