Gregg Anderson a Bodden Town contender

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I decided to stand as an independent candidate after witnessing the economic, environmental and social decline of Cayman over the past 12 years. Most of what our country faces today has come at the hands of partisan and party politics and I believe that independent candidates are better representatives as they are not subject to an “entrenched” party agenda.

I believe in Cayman. It’s a great country with a great history of overcoming adversity through executing innovative ideas. Cayman can and must do better via better: education, governance, financial management, healthcare, environmental policies, immigration policies and innovative crime and drug policies.

Our private sector continues to withstand the economic burden with failed small businesses, job losses and a volatile future. Likewise, the public sector also faces its harshest challenges to date as a result of previous Governments’ pursuit or support of large projects that may have delivered short-term growth but have left us with huge debts.

To manage government debt, I will support effective procurement programmes and a line-by-line budget review to cut wastage and foster efficiency. I will promote renegotiation of the interest rate of our existing long-term debt. I will foster the adoption of lean management principles to further increase government efficiency. I will push for an amendment of the constitution to include a recall mechanism for MLAs that do not perform.

I will seek an acceleration of the existing E-Government initiative to further reduce back-office and IT inefficiencies, which will ease the cost of doing business with government. I will insist that due process, good governance and transparency be used as the guiding principles in key decision-making.

Where job creation is concerned, I will actively seek to establish comprehensive public/private partnerships to operate job apprenticeship schemes for high school students and the unemployed.  I strongly believe in training and developing people; for example, at Cable & Wireless, I helped train and develop many Caymanians who were either beginning their career or helped to advance them to senior positions.

Small businesses have declined substantially since 2001. Therefore support for small business will have a major part in my plans for economic growth. I will promote the establishment of a new private/public partnership funding programme aimed squarely at benefiting small business that will stimulate growth, create jobs and restore dignity to our people.

Included on my platform is Caymanian Enfranchisement, an initiative aimed at ensuring our Immigration Laws are revamped and enforced such that no qualified Caymanian is covertly prevented from filling a position in which they can ably perform. I will seek amendments to our Trade & Business Licensing Law to better facilitate and not impede small business development.

I will also press for a tough Competition Law to prevent and repress monopolies and their anti-competitive practices and abuses of market power in all business sectors. Monopolies drive up the cost of living and should not be allowed to stifle competition.

I believe that a reduction in the cost of living is possible via extensive use of renewal energy resources to reduce the cost of electricity to consumers. The price of diesel is a significant part of our electricity bill, hence reducing its use will yield savings.

The key to our economic future is education; however, our education system has failed us miserably. My proposals for remedying this tragedy include an afterschool programme that operates at the civic centres, lifelong learning programmes, hiring topnotch teachers and the establishment of a career centre, to prepare students for entering the workplace.

This will enable people to gain and retain employment through new and improved skills.

My promises for Bodden Town includes a push for greater economic and cultural development, e.g. small to medium-sized boutique tourist hotels and other small businesses. I will encourage private development via win-win incentives to regenerate Bodden Town and create a downtown centre that will attract both residents and visitors for entertainment and business.

I will also address the flooding problems in Cumber Avenue, the Savannah Gully and other infrastructure issues. If I’m elected, I’ll ensure that our district is not misrepresented nor neglected in key decision-making positions.

I believe that polluted air, water, destruction of mangrove forests will all produce adverse climate changes to Cayman. Therefore, I will promote the adoption of our National Conservation Law to avoid further damage to our environment.

If I am elected, Bodden Town residents can expect experienced vision, leadership, integrity, courage and innovative solutions to help put our district and country first.


As the holder of a Masters in Business Administration from Queens University, Canada, the Certified Management Consultant from the Canadian Association of Management Consultants, the Canadian Securities Certificate from the Canadian Securities Institute and a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree from Anglia Ruskin University, UK, Gregg’s education and experience makes him a worthy representative for all voters.

 Gregg is a reputable leader and strategic developer with a successful background of transforming organisational performance via skillful restructuring and process redesigns. He is a member of various international professional organisations including the IEEE & IET, the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists and the American Writers and Artists Institute.

Gregg has served as a member of the Labour Appeals Tribunal and has been actively involved in community services since 1977 having served as the youngest president of the now defunct Jaycees Club that had the foresight to acquire and start the development of the West Bay public beach.

Gregg has also served as director of two Rotary Clubs and in 1995 co-led the reestablishment of today’s immensely successful Junior Achievement Programme, which had been dormant for years.

He was the 2009 chairman of the Bodden Town Pirates Week Committee. He is past president of the Grand Cayman Toastmasters Club and past area governor for Caribbean Toastmasters and was featured in a Toastmasters International convention leadership advertisement. Gregg attends both the Bodden Town and Savannah United Churches.

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