Brothers on trial for George Town murder

The crime scene is cordoned off the morning following the July 1, 2015, shooting of 20-year-old Jason Powery. – Photo: Charles Duncan

A witness has described seeing his friend shot at point blank range in the alleyway outside a George Town bar.

Jason Powery, 20, was killed instantly by the single gunshot which left him with a “hole in his face,” his friend Jerome Hurlston told the Grand Court Tuesday.

Brothers Justin Ramoon and Osbourne Douglas are jointly accused of the July 1, 2015 murder outside the Globe Bar.

Mr. Hurlston said he was standing at the opposite end of the alley to Mr. Powery, nicknamed “Moggy,” when he noticed Ramoon standing by a tree about halfway between them.

“As soon as Jason turned and put his beer down, [Ramoon] walked up to Jason and shot him in the face,” Mr. Hurlston said.

Demonstrating with his two fingers pointed at his palm, he said Ramoon was no more than a few inches from Mr. Powery when he fired the fatal shot.

He said the shooter had walked back down the alley, with the gun pointed at the floor, toward where he, Mr. Hurlston, was standing with two other men.

He said Ramoon had raised the gun again, but it struck the shoulder of one of the men, who was leaning forward, trying to see who had been shot.

“I heard a click as he pulled the trigger, but it was a dead shot … the gun didn’t go off.”

He said he then walked over to where Mr. Powery was lying. “I shook him a couple of times and said “Moggy … Moggy” but he didn’t answer.”

He said he had then seen the car, being driven by his friend Justin Ebanks, pulling up near the entrance to the bar and told him “Moggy dead.”

Mr. Hurlston testified that he, Mr. Powery and Mr. Ebanks had traveled from West Bay to his uncle’s building next to the Globe Bar at around 10 p.m. They had planned to attend an event called “Gaza Wednesdays” at a different venue later in the night.

He said they had “hailed up” some friends in the alley outside the bar and were all chatting and smoking in that area.

Mr. Hurlston testified that he had known Douglas and Ramoon, “since we were in Pampers.” He said he was on good terms with them and would chill and play dominoes with them whenever he was in central George Town.

He said he had seen Douglas just prior to the shooting with a gun tucked into his pants. He said he recognized it as a 9mm weapon, possibly a Beretta or a Taurus.

Earlier on Tuesday, Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryll Richards, in her opening statement, said the Crown would seek to prove that Douglas and Ramoon were jointly responsible for the murder.

She said the evidence would show that Douglas handed the weapon to his brother shortly before the shooting and had driven him from the scene.

Though the incident itself was not captured on CCTV cameras, Ms. Richards said an analysis of footage from around the scene would support the evidence of the eyewitnesses.

“The timing and sequencing of activities described and seen, will show such action and coordination of movement as to be indicative of a jointly executed plan to kill the deceased.”

The reason for the murder, she said was not clear. “On the available evidence, the Crown can posit no positive motive for the killing,” she added.

The judge-alone trial, in front of Justice Charles Quin, continues Wednesday morning with a visit to the crime scene and the continuation of Mr. Hurlston’s evidence.

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