Defense calls no evidence in murder trial

The crime scene is cordoned off the morning following the July 1, 2015, shooting of 20-year-old Jason Powery. – Photo: Charles Duncan

Attorneys for Osbourne Douglas and Justin Ramoon called no evidence after the conclusion of the prosecution’s case against them for murder.

The brothers are charged with murdering Jason Powery on the night of July 1, 2015, in the vicinity of the Globe Bar off Shedden Road in George Town. Mr. Powery, 20, died from a bullet wound to his head.

Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryll Richards closed the Crown’s case before noon on Thursday.

Facts agreed to by the prosecuting team and defense counsel include statements by both defendants when they were interviewed.

Douglas stated, “I did not murder Jason Powery. I was not involved in his murder in any way.”

As to his presence in the area on the night in question, Douglas explained, “I’m there almost every day. This is where I live and socialize.”

Ramoon gave a similar statement, adding that he often hung around by the Globe and the Alpha Outlet Store.

Justice Charles Quin, who is hearing the matter without a jury at the defendants’ choice, has seen CCTV footage from cameras located at both buildings.

The footage did not show the shooting. Forensic video analyst Grant Frederick told the court he did not see any evidence of a handgun.

Other agreed facts had to do with the number of CUC poles in the area and the wattage of the lights on each one.

In addition to visiting the scene of the crime last week, Justice Quin and all counsel had access to aerial maps of the area.

Ms. Richards, who is assisted by Crown counsel Candia James, is expected to start her closing speech on Friday at 9 a.m.

Lead counsel Martin Hicks, instructed by attorney Laurence Aiolfi, will then address the court on behalf of Douglas. Lead counsel Sean Larkin, instructed by attorney Alice Carver, will speak on behalf of Ramoon.

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