Jefferson, John Jr.

Name: John Jefferson Jr.

District: West Bay South

Affiliation: Independent

Previous elected office experience: 1988-2000

Current profession: Semi-retired

Email: [email protected]

Interview with John Jefferson Jr.

Basia McGuire: Hi, this is Basia McGuire with the Cayman Compass. I’m here with John Jefferson Jr., who is running for the Cayman Democratic Party in the district of West Bay South in the May 2017 elections. Mr. Jefferson, please introduce yourself and tell us why you are running for the Legislative Assembly.

John Jefferson Jr.: Thank you, Basia. My name is John Jefferson Jr. I am a former member of the Legislative Assembly from 1988 to 2000. This year, I decided to throw my hat back in the ring because I think I still have a lot to offer as far as leadership and my country.

Basia McGuire: What’s the most important issue facing your district?

John Jefferson Jr.: The most important issue, not only in my district, but for the island as a whole, is unemployment among my people, Caymanians. Crime is also another issue we need to address. I’m also very concerned about the plight of our public education system.

Basia McGuire: What’s the most important issue facing the Cayman Islands as a whole?

John Jefferson Jr.: I think the Cayman Islands is in a unique position globally. We are well known for our friendliness, our safety and our social harmony. I think we have to be conscious of that and make sure we do everything we can on our part in order to make sure we maintain those qualities.

Basia McGuire: What’s something that the Cayman Islands is doing right and how would you help to continue that?

John Jefferson Jr.: The Cayman Islands, like I mentioned before, is in a very unique position globally. It’s very attractive. I think it goes back to our history. Our men went to sea. They were exposed. They met other people [and] learned how to get along with them, and they brought those qualities back to the Cayman Islands. Today, I think we have over 135 different nationalities in the Cayman Islands, and we live in social harmony. I think that is exceptionally important.

Basia McGuire: If elected, what’s your top priority on day one?
John Jefferson Jr.: During the campaign we will be dealing with a number of those issues. And hopefully on day one, we will be in a position where we start putting together solutions, putting in place solutions, to those issues.

Basia McGuire: Thank you very much, Mr. John Jefferson Jr. Thank you for coming to visit us and answering our questions. We think this has been a great opportunity for our viewers to learn more about you and your candidacy. Once again, this is Basia McGuire with the Cayman Compass. Thanks for watching.


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