Security companies charged for failing to pay overtime, holiday pay

Cases adjourned for further mention

Representatives for two security companies charged with failure to pay overtime and holiday pay to their employees appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday.

K-9 Security Services Ltd. was represented by attorney John Furniss, who told the court he knew there were “ongoing discussions” between the company owner and the Department of Labour and Pensions. The company faces 52 counts relating to public holiday remuneration and 53 counts relating to overtime pay. The offenses are alleged to have occurred between September 2015 and February 2016.

A cursory check of the file showed sums ranging from $100 to $864 allegedly not paid for holiday work. Similarly, overtime allegedly not paid ranged from $111.50 to $3,241.25.

Magistrate Valdis Foldats pointed out that the summons had been issued to the company owner, who therefore should have attended court. Mr. Furniss said he had not seen the summons, but said he would speak to his client about it.

The magistrate agreed to stay a warrant of arrest.

The matter was set for mention again on Tuesday, May 9.

Scott Security Ltd. was represented by attorney Laura Larner, who advised the court that she was holding for Laurence Aiolfi. She asked for further disclosure and the matter was set for Tuesday, March 21.

The company is charged with failing to pay overtime amounting to $7,672.50 and holiday pay in the sum of $614.88.

The offenses are alleged to have occurred between January 2013 and December 2015.

Scott Security is also charged with failing to comply with a request to produce documents to the director of Labour and Pensions in March 2016.

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