Marty Dean Whittaker, 46, appeared in Summary Court on Monday afternoon charged with two residential burglaries that occurred earlier this month.

Crown counsel Darlene Oko objected to bail, noting that one of the burglaries occurred at night while the occupants of the home were present.

She explained that the victims had retired to bed in their Hirst Road home around 10 p.m. on April 2. They had locked the doors and secured the windows, except for one left open for ventilation. Around 3 a.m., they were awakened by a noise in their living room and the woman went to check.

She saw a man inside the home; he grabbed a handbag and ran out the door.

A police report of the matter said that the handbag contained cash, but no amount was mentioned in court.

The second incident occurred during the day on April 5, when a maid was cleaning villas on Bodden Town Road. She had left her cellphone in one villa while she was in another. When she went back to get it, she saw a man coming out of the unit with something in his shirt pocket. She was able to snatch it out of his pocket before he ran from the scene.

Arrested on April 6, Mr. Whittaker admitted consuming cocaine.

Defense attorney John Furniss asked for bail. He explained that Mr. Whittaker had borrowed his father’s boat and then pawned it. He now had a job lined up that would earn enough money to get the boat back and return it to his father.

The defendant was willing to wear an electronic monitor and report to police once or even twice daily, Mr. Furniss emphasized. He was also requesting that the charges be brought back on Thursday at 2 p.m. so that Mr. Whittaker could apply to the Drug Rehabilitation Court.

Magistrate Adam Roberts refused bail, but set the matter for Thursday as requested.

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