A fingerprint found outside a Prospect residence led to the arrest of a man who was subsequently charged with burglary and appeared in Summary Court on Monday.

Barrington Brown, 35, is accused of burgling an occupied dwelling on the night of March 11-12.

Crown counsel Eleanor Fargin told Magistrate Valdis Foldats that a woman was in her bedroom at the time. Someone came through a window, took $700 in cash and a chain valued at $150 that belonged to her husband.

A fingerprint outside led to Mr. Brown, Ms. Fargin said. A search for him began on March 29 and he was arrested on May 2.

When he was interviewed, he told police he had been at a George Town bar and was going on to an after-hours party. He said he was following a female, who told him she had lost her house key. He helped her gain entry by removing a screen from a window at the premises.

The occupants of the premises told police no other female lived there.

Ms. Fargin initially objected to bail because of concerns about the defendant’s immigration status.

However, defense attorney Jonathon Hughes explained that Mr. Brown has been in Cayman two years and his employer had applied for renewal of his work permit.

“He has offered a plausible explanation,” he said of his client. “He was open with police and answered every question put to him.”

The magistrate granted bail with a specified residence, a 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. curfew and an electronic monitor. Told that the curfew might be in conflict with Mr. Brown’s working hours, the magistrate had a solution.

“As soon as I have proof he has his work permit and a job, I can change it,” he said.

He set the matter for mention on Tuesday, May 22.

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