Cayman’s ARK

Cayman’s ARK is excited to announce the next phase of our Covid-19 / 2020 “Feed Cayman” Initiative. ARK is partnering with generous local supporters and private sector donors to create a central “soup kitchen” which will serve as a hub to produce 500 soups per day, 6 days a week.

Tara Nielsen of ARK, left, at the ‘kindness kitchen’ on Friday. – Photo: Alvaro Serey.

Over the next few weeks, ARK’s “Soup Kitchen” will play a vital role in sustaining Cayman’s struggling families, vulnerable individuals, and those who have become unemployed and in dire circumstances as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. It will also benefit our fellow non-profit organizations. Generous local donations have helped ARK to start this initiative but we need support from our #caymankind community to make it widely successful.

Recipients will receive one delivery weekly:

  • Fresh hot meals for the day from The Wharf for the whole family
  • Delicious soups from ARK’s soup kitchen
  • Frozen meals provided by the Community “At Home” (learn more:
  • and a Foster’s grocery card to enable the purchase of fresh food, other supplies and necessities.


If you’re in a position to donate to our multiple efforts to keep people fed and sheltered, we would be grateful – as are the hundreds of needy recipients across the Cayman Islands.

Donate online

You can also use an online bank transfer. Below Cayman’s ARK bank details:

Bank: Butterfield Bank
Account name : Cayman’s ARK
Account number : 01201039292 ( USD)
OR 02201039292 ( KYD)
Address : 12 Albert Panton Street, George Town, Cayman Islands
Telephone: +345 949 7055

You can also donate while you shop at Foster’s.

All donations help. Cayman’s Ark are grateful to all who can help make a difference right now. Thank you.

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