Enhanced Animated Ads

Below are some examples of Enhanced Animated Ads.

These ads use HTML code to add possibilities that aren’t available with standard JPG (still image) and GIF (simple animation of two or three frames) adverts.

The first noticeable enhancements are the movement within the ad – you can pan a photo as in the first two examples, or use slow fades between frames like the bottom ad. You can also include video within the ad or even have multiple destinations when the ad is clicked (e.g. perhaps one button goes to your Contact Us page and another goes to a page with your latest promotion).

The ad below clicks through to a profile page (or could be any web page you want to link to):

This ad will play a video in the ad box when first clicked, then go through to the profile page on the second click:

This last example shows how slow fades can enhance your ad, and (as with any ad) can link to any page of your choosing when clicked: