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Attempt to regulate nonprofits a ‘disaster,’ MLA says

Legislation that would require any charitable organization taking in more than $250,000 per year to register with the government will be a “disaster,” local residents were told during a public meeting in East End district Monday night.

Independent LA members to host district meetings

The five independent members of the Legislative Assembly will begin hosting a series oftown hall-style meetings this week aimed at bringing voters up to speed on a number of issues parliament will consider when it meets next month.

Motion seeks same-sex marriage vote before election

A legislative motion seeking support for a referendum on the issue of same-sex marriages prior to the May 2017 general election has been accepted by the Cayman Islands Speaker of the House and could be heard on the Legislative Assembly floor as early as next month.

Premier ‘disappointed’ in government leavers

Warning independent Cayman Islands lawmakers not to take local voters “for fools,” Premier Alden McLaughlin directed verbal barbs Friday at two Legislative Assembly members who left his government backbench in late 2015 and early 2016.

Early election up to governor/premier

Although Premier Alden McLaughlin has not officially called for early elections, the Cayman Islands governor’s office has confirmed that it will give “great weight” to such a request if the premier resolves to take such a step.

Bush: Government has to operate

The formation of a coalition among Cayman’s disparate political opposition groups seems a remote possibility at this stage, Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush said this week.

Bare-bones government weighs options

With just nine members on the ruling government bench, the Progressives-led coalition was left to consider this week whether it would seek to muddle through the next 14 months via the slimmest of majorities or call for elections ahead of the usual May 2017 date.

Bodden Town students race to finish line

School House Sand left their competitors in the dust as they raced to the finish line at Bodden Town Primary School Sports Day at...

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