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EDITORIAL – Does the UK have the fortitude to fight the EU’s turpitude?

On Dec. 5, 2017 – just three weeks hence – our sovereign, the United Kingdom, will vote on whether to accede to the calumny of the European Union and blacklist in financial markets several of its own territories, most notably the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, the Channel Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

Thriving Cayman represents EU’s worst nightmare

There comes a point in every failed negotiation where the words used should indicate that there is no possibility whatsoever of reaching an agreement with the negotiating party. In the present case, this is because the negotiating party, here the European Union, has no intention whatsoever of doing so.

EDITORIAL – ‘Paradise Papers’: Paging ‘Dr. Phil’

As the Cayman Islands financial sector faces a perhaps existential threat from European regulators, left-leaning politicians, and increasingly irresponsible journalists, our country’s response has been underwhelming, if not blasé.

UK voting to decide new government

As U.K. voters go to the polls Thursday for the second time in two years, many Brits in Cayman have already cast their votes and are waiting anxiously to see whether Prime Minister Theresa May or her Labour rival Jeremy Corbyn will emerge victorious.

Travers joins Bush in call for more open immigration policy

Leading attorney and financial services advocate Anthony Travers took to the stage alongside former Premier McKeeva Bush at a Cayman Democratic Party rally Monday night to call for a more open immigration policy. Both Mr. Travers and Mr. Bush criticized government’s lack of action in dealing with hundreds of permanent residency applications and said the approach had to change.

EDITORIAL – Cayman’s image: Travers versus ‘the world’

The Cayman Islands is fortunate to have a sustained and stentorian voice proclaiming, anytime and anywhere, the virtues of our jurisdiction’s financial services sector.

Travers: Panama Leaks: Through the offshore looking glass

Absent from the extensive coverage of the Panama Papers leak is any journalistic analysis whatsoever of the evident and coruscating irony.

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