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Saunders lauds ministry after auditor general’s report

Finance Minister Christopher Saunders commended the public service for steadily improving financial management and reporting, following the latest report by the Office of the Auditor General.

Auditor finds vast differences in pay to board members

From the port boss who receives just $150 per meeting to the utilities director who is paid more than $50,000-a-year, an auditor general’s investigation found vast disparity in the pay handed out to the men and women appointed to the boards of some of the Cayman Islands’ most important institutions.

Auditors: George Town Landfill worth less than $0

The government cannot quantify how great a financial loss it will incur to remediate the George Town landfill, if and when such a project is completed, and the lack of any cost estimates has led auditors to conclude the territory’s environmental liabilities are “understated.”

Auditors records release details salaries, consultant contracts

The Cayman Islands Auditor General’s Office slightly increased the annual salaries for three of its senior managers and spent about $316,000 on consultants during the last budget year, according to financial records released in the Legislative Assembly.

Two-year-old pension report awaits Cabinet review

Representatives of the Finance Ministry have declined to release a Jan. 1, 2014 financial evaluation of the Public Service Pensions system twice in the last six months, citing a pending review of the documentation by Cabinet ministers to occur at a date in the future.

New auditor general appointed

An accountant with long experience in U.K. local council government has been selected as Cayman’s new auditor general, the Cayman Islands government announced on its Twitter feed Monday.

Chief HSA doctor says Health City has unfair advantage

While praising the services and professionalism of the Health City Cayman Islands staff, the Health Services Authority’s top doctor said last week that the medical tourism facility has some unfair advantages over other local providers with which it is now competing.

Auditors’ concerns remain about NRA deal

The Cayman Islands government may still be acting “without proper authority” during the renegotiation process for a major land development agreement, officials with the Auditor General’s Office said last week.

Audit report release, review process may be changed

The way independent reports of the Cayman Islands Auditor General’s Office are released to the public and considered by government is under review, the Cayman Compass has learned.

EDITORIAL – ‘Public Assistance’: The great government giveaway program?

More than seven months after auditors identified severe problems with the government's $50 million public assistance programs, officials have a plan, which is ... get this ... to make a plan.

Manderson: Civil service must resist ministerial pressure

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson has vowed that civil servants who feel pressured or bullied into allowing elected ministers to take the reins of day-to-day...

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