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Premier hails UK talks as ‘successful’

Premier Alden McLaughlin said his trip to the UK to address the European Union’s blacklisting of Cayman and other trade matters was “successful”.

EU to put Cayman on tax blacklist next week

The European Union is set to place the Cayman Islands on its list of uncooperative countries in tax matters at a European Council session next week. The move comes less than a month after the UK has exited the EU.

EU to revive money laundering blacklist with new criteria

The European Union will reveal a new methodology for its anti-money laundering blacklist of third countries by October. A previous blacklist was blocked by EU governments after a diplomatic row over the listing of Saudi Arabia and four US overseas territories.

EU removes Dominica from tax blacklist

The European Union has removed the Caribbean island of Dominica from its list of uncooperative jurisdictions in tax matters.

Bermuda taken off EU tax blacklist

The European Union on Friday removed Bermuda, Aruba and Barbados from its list of uncooperative jurisdictions in tax matters.

Bermuda to be removed from EU blacklist

European Union finance ministers are set to remove Bermuda, Barbados and the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba from its tax blacklist on Friday, according to an unnamed EU official cited by Reuters and Bloomberg News.

JOURNAL: Where next with the EU tax blacklist?

On March 12, government and the financial sector awaited with bated breath the outcome of the European Union’s evaluation of Cayman’s tax regime.
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EDITORIAL – The true experts in global finance are here at home

Cayman’s exclusion from the latest European Union tax blacklist gives little cause for celebration, coming as it does with significant strings attached.

‘Compliant’ Bermuda says it will be removed from EU blacklist by May

Bermuda’s Premier David Burt called the island’s tax blacklisting by the European Union a “setback,” but said that, as of Wednesday, he believes Bermuda is compliant with EU requirements and should be removed at the next EU Council meeting in May.
An aerial view of the business area of downtown George Town, Grand Cayman

Cayman avoids EU blacklist

The European Union has not added the Cayman Islands to an expanded EU tax blacklist, but the council of EU finance ministers said Cayman will have to amend its legislation by the end of this year.

EU countries reject commission’s blacklist

European Union governments are set to block the European Commission’s draft dirty money blacklist after all 28 EU member states objected to the way countries were selected for their alleged anti-money laundering deficiencies.
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Government issues economic substance guidance

Government has published a guidance booklet to help companies comply with the territory’s economic substance legislation, which was passed by legislators last year in an attempt to avoid European Union tax blacklisting.

EU publishes anti-money laundering blacklist

The European Commission released a blacklist of 23 non-EU countries which the European body says have strategic deficiencies in their anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing frameworks.

EDITORIAL – What we’re watching out for in 2019

As a rule, Compass editors are cautious about indulging in the temptation of attempted prognostication. However, there are some issues and themes, classified as “in progress” or “recurring,” that we expect to find ourselves writing about in the coming year.
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Cayman Finance calls Dutch blacklisting of Cayman Islands ‘unusual’

The organization that represents Cayman’s financial services industry has rejected the inclusion of the Cayman Islands on a Dutch tax blacklist, stating that Cayman does not pose a risk of aggressive tax avoidance.

Cayman government rejects blacklisting by Netherlands

The Cayman Islands government has issued a statement saying it “regrets” that the Netherlands had chosen to break from other EU member states by establishing its own “blacklist” of 21 jurisdictions, including the Cayman Islands.

EDITORIAL – No ‘Dutch treat’: Netherlands attacks Cayman via ‘blacklist’

By issuing a “blacklist” of 21 low-tax jurisdictions (including the Cayman Islands), the Netherlands has demonstrated that it is full of … well, call it “gall.”
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Letter: Dutch blacklist and Cayman’s policy of EU ‘appeasement’

The difficulty of attempting to deal with the EU and the OECD in relation to their ridiculously entitled ”harmful” tax practices initiative, whether through the introduction of economic substance legislation or howsoever, is well illustrated today by that paragon of tax avoidance techniques The Netherlands which, when I last looked, was a member of the EU, now introducing its independent “black list” including the Cayman Islands.
An aerial view of the business area of downtown George Town, Grand Cayman

Netherlands puts Cayman on tax blacklist

The Netherlands has compiled a new list of 21 low-tax jurisdictions, including the Cayman Islands, to fight tax evasion, according to the Dutch ministry of finance.

EU blacklist update short on details

Financial Services Minister Tara Rivers has returned from her meeting with officials in Brussels about Cayman’s inclusion on the European Union’s list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions, but government has provided little detail about what was discussed at the meeting or what Cayman may have to do by the end of the year to avoid being blacklisted by the EU.

Minister Rivers to meet EU officials on tax blacklist

Minister of Financial Services Tara Rivers will meet EU officials in Brussels this week to continue government’s discussions about the EU’s list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions.

JOURNAL: Gov’t plans public consultation on ‘economic substance’ changes

When late last year, Cayman avoided being placed on an EU tax blacklist by committing to remedy, before the end of 2018, what the EU called a lack of economic substance of Cayman-based entities, few knew what exactly the Cayman Islands government had promised to do.

EU threatens US tax blacklisting

The EU has drawn up a list based on tax information exchange and fair tax criteria that non-EU countries have to meet to avoid potential punitive measures.

EU removes 8 countries from blacklist

The Council of the European Union announced Tuesday that the EU has amended its blacklist of jurisdictions that it deems uncooperative in tax matters, removing eight jurisdictions from that list.

EDITORIAL – ‘Brexit’ and ‘blacklist’: Cayman stuck between the UK and the EU?

The “real victims” of divorce are often the children. We hope that doesn’t hold true for “colonial children,” including the Cayman Islands, in the context of England’s protracted separation from the European Union, known commonly as “Brexit.”

UK newspaper ties EU blacklist to Brexit

U.K. newspaper The Independent has linked the annual review of the EU tax blacklist, and the potential inclusion of Cayman and other offshore territories that were until now left off the list, to the outcome of Brexit negotiations between the European block and the U.K.

Cayman reacts to inclusion on tax graylist

Cayman’s inclusion on a graylist of countries that have promised to address certain deficiencies by the end of 2018 leaves the Cayman government in the difficult position of not knowing what exactly it has committed to.

Cayman sidesteps European financial services blacklist

After weeks of media fanfare, coinciding with the release of the Paradise Papers, and political horse trading behind the scenes, the EU has released a list of 17 countries it considers uncooperative in tax matters.
An aerial view of the business area of downtown George Town, Grand Cayman

Cayman makes last attempt to avoid EU blacklist

A Cayman delegation left for London Friday with little more than a week left to appeal to U.K. and European officials against its potential inclusion on a financial services “blacklist” being promulgated by the European Union group of finance ministers [ECOFIN].

Thriving Cayman represents EU’s worst nightmare

There comes a point in every failed negotiation where the words used should indicate that there is no possibility whatsoever of reaching an agreement with the negotiating party. In the present case, this is because the negotiating party, here the European Union, has no intention whatsoever of doing so.

Cayman commits to BEPS rules to counter EU blacklist

Cayman has committed in principle to a project reforming the application of tax rules in cross-border business to combat the erosion of tax bases and the artificial shifting of profits to low or no-tax jurisdictions.

Cayman may find itself on EU’s ‘non-cooperative jurisdictions’ list

Cayman could find itself on a new EU list of “non-cooperative jurisdictions” in tax matters after the European Council of finance ministers published the criteria for including third countries in the blacklist last week. In September, the EU Commission named Cayman in a list of countries that should be examined more closely.

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