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Constitutional changes take effect next month

Cayman's new constitutional changes will take effect on 3 Dec., the day before the formal state opening of Parliament and its first sitting, the Premier's Office has announced.

No formal UK decision yet on removal of Section 81

Local legislators’ failure to reach agreement on the Domestic Partnership Bill has given the United Kingdom “pause to reflect” on the removal of Section 81 from the Cayman Islands Constitution, Governor Martyn Roper has said.

Roper releases UK instructions on Domestic Partnership Bill

Governor Martyn Roper has made public instructions issued by UK Overseas Territories Minister Baroness Elizabeth Sugg approving use of his reserved powers to push ahead with the Domestic Partnership Bill.
Cayman’s courts have ramped up their emergency contingency plan to counter COVID-19 issues.

Parts of Customs and Border Control Law incompatible with Bill of Rights

The Grand Court has ruled that Section 9 of the Bill of Rights covering 'Private and family life' must be considered by the Immigration Appeals Tribunal when considering whether a person can remain on island.

MLAs urged to get behind constitutional changes

Legislators urged to support the United Kingdom’s package of constitutional changes.

Saunders raises concerns about Constitution changes

MLA Chris Saunders says he’s concerned that some of his fellow members are making it too easy to make changes to the Cayman Islands Constitution.

Same-sex couple fights for right to marry

Denying marriage rights to same-sex couples is “simple discrimination” and violates rights guaranteed under the Cayman Islands Constitution, a leading barrister claimed Thursday as a test case on the issue began in Grand Court.

Cayman’s leaders seek constitutional reform

Cayman Islands leaders continued to push for constitutional reform in a series of meetings in London following the U.K.’s decision to impose public beneficial ownership registries on its overseas territories.

UK ‘will consider’ constitution changes

The Cayman Islands came away with no promises on constitutional change following Lord Tariq Ahmad’s brief visit Wednesday, but the British Overseas Territories minister said any proposals made by Cayman would be given due consideration.

EDITORIAL – Appreciating our special relationship with the UK

While contemplating a sovereign Cayman Islands may lead to an ephemeral thrill of cultural pride, making a practical case for independence for Cayman is, in brief, impossible.

Potential rights breaches by Immigration Department revealed

The Cayman Islands Human Rights Commission reviewed three potential cases of human rights breaches against the Immigration Department in 2015, a report made public Wednesday revealed.

EDITORIAL – When government can do no wrong

What immunity clauses such as Section 12 of the HSA Law do is create a climate of “victors versus victims,” where the victors are the public agencies, and the victims are the ordinary members of Cayman society.

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