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26 couples register civil partnerships

A total of 26 civil partnerships have been registered in the Cayman Islands in the six months since the legal framework to formalise same-sex relationships was enacted last September.

Year in review: Same-sex rights advanced despite political opposition

The debate over marriage rights for same-sex couples heated up in 2020 with Governor Martyn Roper ultimately using his reserved power to push through a civil partnerships law that had been rejected by Cayman Islands legislators.

Framework for civil partnerships may be set by end of September

Although Cayman’s same-sex couples legally can now enter into formal partnerships and enjoy the same rights as married couples, the process to execute the Civil Partnership Law will take not take effect until later this month.

FCO: ‘Disappointed’ in Domestic Partnership Bill defeat

The defeat of the Domestic Partnership Bill in the Legislative Assembly this week now leaves the fate and the future of legalising same-sex relationships in the Cayman Islands in the hands of the UK government and the Privy Council.

Lawmakers to vote on Domestic Partnership Bill today

After a lengthy and at times emotive debate local legislators will vote on the Domestic Partnership Bill on Wednesday.

Timeline: 20 years of LGBTQ rights in Cayman

The Chantelle Day and Vickie Bodden Bush marriage case has made LGBTQ rights a more visible topic in Cayman in recent years, but their fight is not the islands’ first.
Chantelle Day and Vickie Bodden Bush

Civil partnerships bill in the works

Government has started the process to create legislation to resolve the issue of same-sex unions in the Cayman Islands.

Year in Review: Many twists and turns in campaign for marriage rights

A long-simmering debate over rights for same-sex couples reached boiling point this year.

Eden takes aim at Governor’s Throne Speech comments

Savannah MLA Anthony Eden defended fellow legislators Monday as he rejected comments made by Governor Martyn Roper in his Throne Speech.

Miller: Alternatives to changing Marriage Law needed

Legislator Ezzard Miller urges church leaders to consider alternatives to their hardline position on same-sex marriages.

No resolution for same-sex marriage planned until next year

Premier Alden McLaughlin suggested that action on the same-sex marriage issue will take place until early 2020.

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