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Government appoints Cayman’s first ombudsman

Sandy Hermiston of Canada has been appointed as the first ombudsman of the Cayman Islands, a position created under provisions of the Ombudsman Law, 2017. Ms. Hermiston will serve as Complaints Commissioner and Information Commissioner.

Ombudsman to replace commissioners

Abolishing the independent offices of the information commissioner and complaints commissioner, newly released legislation proposes to create an ombudsman’s office to oversee open records requests, complaints of government maladministration and public complaints against the police.

EDITORIAL – ‘Super ombudsman’: Complaints from the complaints committee

The en masse resignations of four lawmakers (Bernie Bush, Eugene Ebanks, Ezzard Miller and Alva Suckoo) from the Complaints Commissioner committee are important not so much from a “practical” standpoint as from a “political” one.

Cabinet approves ombudsman plan

Government is pushing ahead with a proposed merger of the offices of the Information Commissioner and the Complaints Commissioner, despite concerns the move will dilute the effectiveness of both watchdogs.

EDITORIAL – Gov. Kilpatrick: Three cheers for one more year

It comes as welcome news that Cayman Islands Governor Helen Kilpatrick has decided to extend her time in office another year, until September 2017.

Anti-Corruption Commission: No meeting in past 12 months

The last meeting of the Anti-Corruption Commission was on Feb. 13, 2015, a year ago Saturday.

Norman Bodden named to Anti-Corruption Commission

More than a year after the two private members left their posts on the Anti-Corruption Commission, the governor has named Norman Bodden of Bodden & Bodden Attorneys at Law and Bodden Corporate Services to the commission.

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