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Constitutional changes take effect next month

Cayman's new constitutional changes will take effect on 3 Dec., the day before the formal state opening of Parliament and its first sitting, the Premier's Office has announced.

Privy Council approves constitutional changes

The UK Privy Council has given the green light to a number of amendments to Cayman's Constitution, including the changing of the name of the Legislative Assembly to Parliament.

Constitutional changes: UK withdraws Section 81 removal

The UK will not be removing Section 81 of the Constitution, but has approved a mandatory provision to consult local leaders before making legislative decisions that may directly affect the Cayman Islands.

Year in review: Leadership changes, defections and a new political party

In 2019, Cayman’s political landscape saw a shifting of tides in the Legislative Assembly that not only spurred changes across the aisle of the chamber, but altered Cayman's relationship with the UK.

Constitutional changes expected to be confirmed by Privy Council in February

Cayman's constitutional changes order are expected to be confirmed by the Privy Council in February 2020, according to a statement from the Premier's Office.

Breaking: Constitutional changes pass unanimously

Legislators unanimously approve constitutional changes which will make it mandatory for the UK to consult with the Cayman Islands on laws directly impacting these islands.

Opposition leader responds to constitutional changes

Opposition Leader Arden McLean has said he has yet to be briefed on the constitutional changes proposed by the UK.

Premier: Cayman/UK constitutional changes ‘unstuck’

Premier Alden McLaughlin said the UK is set to issue its proposal in response to government’s constitutional changes package.

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