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Port battle continues, government files appeal

Government has appealed the Grand Court’s decision to strike down the port referendum law, which set out the conditions for a people’s vote on the controversial plans for new cruise piers in George Town Harbour.

Port referendum law quashed

Grand Court judge Tim Owen has quashed the referendum law that was passed in the Legislative Assembly for a vote on government’s $200 million cruise berthing and cargo project.

Port vote review ends

A two-day judicial review wrapped up Thursday, with government’s attorneys urging Justice Tim Owen not to side with petitioners who are calling for the current referendum law to be declared incompatible with the Cayman Islands Constitution.

Port vote case begins

Attorneys challenging the vote on the cruise berthing and cargo project have said local legislators breached their duty by failing to enact a general framework for holding referendums.

Port referendum question ‘tweaked’

Government says it has "tweaked" the question it plans to use for the referendum on its proposed $200 million cruise berthing and cargo project.

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