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EDITORIAL – What we’re watching out for in 2019

As a rule, Compass editors are cautious about indulging in the temptation of attempted prognostication. However, there are some issues and themes, classified as “in progress” or “recurring,” that we expect to find ourselves writing about in the coming year.

EDITORIAL – Cruise pier: To be or not to be?

As readers can see for themselves, the “pro” and “con” sides differ on many aspects of the port proposal, but what everyone should agree on is that the cruise dock would constitute the single largest and most influential public works project in the history of Cayman, the impact of which will reverberate through the tourism sector and wider economy, far exceeding the capital cost of the project, whether that turns out to be $150 million, $200 million or more.

Government rejects calls for port referendum

Government rejected calls from the Opposition for a referendum to be held on the controversial cruise pier project after a lengthy debate in the Legislative Assembly that ran into the early hours of Friday morning.

Premier defends cruise ship dock plan

Premier Alden McLaughlin reaffirmed his government’s commitment to press ahead with plans for a cruise berthing facility in George Town harbor in the face of increasingly vocal opposition to the project.

Letter: Give people a say in cruise berthing project

Unfortunately, the current lack of transparency by the government fuels more speculation by the day and leads to many questions ...

EDITORIAL – Replacing secrecy with transparency in government policy

Silence may be safe, it may be convenient, but it is not an acceptable strategy in a free and democratic society.

Government: No final bid agreed for cruise port dock

Government has dismissed claims that construction on the cruise berthing facility could be under way within weeks.

Budget targets crime, education

Plans for an influx of 75 new police officers, a $9.6 million cash injection for education and funding for a series of major infrastructure projects were among the key commitments announced in the Cayman Islands government’s budget presentation Friday.

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