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Rahn: More meanness from government

Given how few people are actually convicted of money-laundering, the overwhelming evidence is that 99 percent of the people being forced to submit to these costly and time-consuming proposed regulations will not be guilty of money-laundering, terrorism or whatever, and thus should not be harassed by government.

EDITORIAL – ‘Paradise Papers’: Paging ‘Dr. Phil’

As the Cayman Islands financial sector faces a perhaps existential threat from European regulators, left-leaning politicians, and increasingly irresponsible journalists, our country’s response has been underwhelming, if not blasé.

EDITORIAL – The ‘Bermuda Papers’? Journalism, hacking or financial voyeurism

In anticipation of the sound and the fury that will no doubt define international news coverage of a data breach at Appleby law firm, here are a few of our thoughts on the matter of “leaks,” “hacks” and offshore exposes under the guise of investigative journalism.

EDITORIAL – ‘Political advocacy’: Cayman takes its case to Washington

Cayman Islands officials acted wisely when they hired Baker Botts law firm partner Jeff Munk to represent our country’s interests in Washington, D.C.

EDITORIAL – Royal Gazette: When a free press attacks free speech

On the global stage, where Bermuda – and Cayman – play important roles as international financial centers, there are no closed doors, there are no walls, and there are no borders.

EDITORIAL-Bermuda: An island in troubled waters

We do not hope, but we fear, that the results of Bermuda’s election may be the final mis-steerage that drives the country’s economy off the proverbial cliff … or into a coral reef.
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Students invited to learn about accounting, finance careers

Students interested in careers in accounting and finance are invited to an information session from 10 a.m. to noon on March 14 at the...

Cayman Islands bucks trend in offshore insolvency petitions

The Cayman Islands recorded an increase in insolvency petitions in 2015, contrasting with a general decline in the majority of offshore jurisdictions.

Offshore centers: Panama a Holdout to transparency

As the pressure on the U.K. grows to rein in offshore centers in its overseas territories and Crown dependencies, financial service providers there are saying they have implemented the global transparency standards that are lacking in Panama and elsewhere.

Panama Papers: Leak puts pressure on offshore centers

References to the Cayman Islands in the “Panama Papers” were conspicuous by their absence but pressure on all offshore financial centers is likely to increase after the anonymous leak of more than 11 million documents belonging to a Panamanian law firm continued its fallout on Monday.

Hedge fund liquidations exceed new launches

Hedge fund liquidations exceeded the number of new fund launches last year for the first time since 2009.

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