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Lawmakers affirm Caymanian electoral rights

Legislators have affirmed sections 90 and 61 of the Constitution enshrining the current qualifications for standing for political office locally and eligibility to vote in the Cayman Islands.

UK government rejects demands on same-sex marriage, immigration

The UK government has rejected demands by the Foreign Affairs Committee that it should enforce the legalisation of same-sex marriages and abolish belongership, the equivalent of Caymanian status, in the overseas territories.

Miller says Cayman not ready for independence

Opposition leader Ezzard Miller says he shares Premier Alden McLaughlin’s concerns about potential legislation that would grant British citizens the right to vote and hold elected office in its overseas territories, including the Cayman Islands. But Mr. Miller he does not think the threat of leaving British protection is a good strategy.

Premier dismayed by report calling for British voting rights in overseas territories

Last Thursday at the Chamber of Commerce legislative luncheon, Premier Alden McLaughlin strongly denounced a United Kingdom Foreign Affairs Committee report issued the same day that calls for British citizens to be able to vote and run for office in the overseas territories.

Committee calls on UK to intervene if Overseas Territories do not legalize same-sex marriage

A committee of U.K. lawmakers is urging its government to intervene if the British Overseas Territories do not legalize same-sex marriage or abolish rules tied to belongership, the equivalent to Caymanian status, or a similar status.

FCO: Beneficial ownership register to be made public by 2023

The U.K. has indicated that it will issue an order in council instructing British Overseas Territories to establish fully operational public registers of beneficial ownership by 2023, if they have not done so by the end of 2020.

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