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Keillor: A trip to New York

It’s good to be old. Every day is an adventure.

Keillor: A man walks into a bar in Oregon

The gentle people shall prevail. Count on it.

Keillor: The old ‘obit man’ looks around

They each had a clear vocation and made a mark and I miss them and hate to delete them from my phone. I grieve for each of them and I also tell myself to buckle down. Pay attention. Do your job. Don’t kill time. Cherish your elders as they pass.

A new idea about Amelia Earhart

It is hard to believe that one of the most famous women in the world could walk away from a crash in a populated area, then vanish without anyone taking note. Very hard.

One more modest proposal

Forgive me if I don’t think the removal of Confederate statuary is an issue. I call it decluttering, which is an ongoing project at my house and I hope at yours too. When those crews are done down South, put them to work in Washington, D.C.

Late night driving, right-hand thinking

You look ahead down the open road and you’re no longer an old retired guy in a suit and tie, you’re a Woody Guthrie song, you’re a man on the run, you’re the perpetrator of the biggest art heist in years, with Hopper’s “Nighthawks” under a blanket in the backseat along with “American Gothic” and six Jackson Pollocks. It’s a big backseat.

So I was up in Alaska

Up to Alaska last week to visit old friends and relive fragrant memories of previous trips. Landing on a short uphill grass strip near a native village and later taking off on that strip and off the edge of a cliff.

The president of visuals

It’s been widely reported that the White House has asked the president’s intelligence briefers to make the briefings more visual, less wordy, simple graphics rather than blocks of print.

Christmas lives on in our memories

It is hard to believe that the Creator of our universe with its billions of galaxies could have sent Himself to this little blue blip not so long ago in the form of an infant born to a virgin, to be first worshipped by illiterate shepherds where He lay in a feed trough, livestock peering down at Him, Eastern potentates following a star to the site. But here we are again, singing those songs, so we shall see.

Keillor: The America I miss

This culture dates back to before we got so task-forced and committeed, fedback and workshopped to death, and any joyful impulse gets filtered through six layers of management until it dies a quiet death.

Keillor: America, let’s make tomatoes great

This is a column about tomatoes. Nothing political, nothing about the bitter controversy – Tomato: Fruit or Vegetable?

Keillor: A decade well-saved

So I skipped my 30s. I grew a beard, moved to the country, wore old farmer clothes, got a job in radio, took up bluegrass [...] and adopted the identity of an elderly sharecropper.

Keillor: What will Bill be wearing?

Everybody is wondering if white men will vote for Hillary and, speaking as a white man, I say it depends a lot on Bill. If he looks happy on the sidelines gazing up at her with dewy-eyed admiration, then yes.

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