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Government schools get new buses for field trips

Government has purchased 16 new vehicles for public primary and high schools in the Cayman Islands. The total cost for the vehicles was $745,752, according to the Department of Education Services.

No long-term strategy in Cayman education, report finds

In its first-ever audit of Cayman’s education system, the Office of the Auditor General describes a Ministry of Education that lacks a clear direction of where it is going. 

EDITORIAL – Minister Rivers takes a ‘pass’ on schools report

Education Minister Tara Rivers appears to be missing, or willfully overlooking, the central point of the report her own government commissioned — that Cayman’s government should get out of the business of running schools altogether.

Funding approved for 50 new public school positions

Cabinet has approved additional funding for 50 new posts across the public school system, Education Minister Tara Rivers announced Wednesday.

2016 Orientation Dates for Government Schools

School orientation begins this week.

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