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OECD: income tax rises, corporate stays low

Personal income taxes are playing an increasingly significant role in the tax mix as revenues from social security contributions and consumption taxes fall, and corporate tax collections remain low.
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Tortuous tales of 1040 taxes

If you’re about to spend some eight to 22 hours to prepare your federal income tax Form 1040 before the April 18 deadline, well, good luck.

EDITORIAL – Red letter alert: It’s ‘Tax Day’ for Americans

Attention, Americans: Take the champagne off ice; cancel the catering. Today, April 18, is not a holiday to be celebrated, but an important deadline to be observed. It is Tax Day.

Mihm: ‘Customer service’ at the IRS

For seven decades, the IRS has struggled to answer questions about the increasingly byzantine tax code. Sometimes it has succeeded; just as often, it has failed.

Mitchell: Antigua abolishes income tax

There is some very good news to share. The income tax will disappear in April. But there's also some bad news. It's only in Antigua and Barbuda, not the U.S.

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