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A deeper understanding of global debt

The scary-sounding global debt numbers were a bit of a publicity stunt; they got our attention, even if they were intellectually misleading.

Defund wasteful global entities

A positive side effect of President Obama’s duplicity with the anti-Israeli United Nations vote was the attention it brought to what the U.N. is actually doing and how it is wasting taxpayer dollars and undermining liberty.

G-20 meeting advances tax agenda amid concerns over globalization

Leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies have warned that global growth needs to be shared more equally to stop mounting concerns over globalization and free trade.

Lack of correspondent banking seen as threat to Caribbean region

The Caribbean Association of Banks has warned that if no solution to the decline of correspondent banking relationships among financial institutions in the Caribbean is found, “the very livelihoods of Caribbean people will be in danger.”

Government gives IMF center US$520,000

A US$525,000 payment in the upcoming budget to a technical assistance organization managed by the International Monetary Fund raised some eyebrows during Tuesday’s meeting of the Legislative Assembly’s Finance Committee.

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