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Lawmakers’ debate turns into political fight

A Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly debate this week over changes to the public bidding rules turned into a political fight ahead of the May 2017 general election. The Progressives-led government brought forward a long-recommended Procurement Bill, which was approved by lawmakers late Monday after some debate over what amounted to “political interference” in the public sector bidding process.

Lawmakers lessen police court burden

A bill approved by Cayman Islands lawmakers on Friday will allow government workers other than police officers to serve court witness summons. According to Attorney General Samuel Bulgin, changes made to the criminal procedure code identify court bailiffs and other court personnel to serve witness summonses.

Lawmakers pass bill to legalize medicinal cannabis oil

The legalization of cannabis oil for medicinal purposes was supported by all present Cayman Islands lawmakers Monday afternoon. “[This bill] is going to give [patients] hope to be able to cope,” said Education Minister Tara Rivers. “That…is a very powerful drug in itself.”

EDITORIAL – When having ‘stacks of bills’ isn’t desirable

We can’t help but empathize with the anxiety expressed by several elected members in today’s newspaper over the sheer quantity of legislation the Progressives administration has crammed into the agenda of the new parliamentary session.

Lawmakers: Mass of bills to change ‘lives of generations’

Cayman Islands lawmakers are set to review and approve an unprecedented number of bills in the Legislative Assembly meeting that begins Tuesday, some of which involve complex, long-standing issues that have been before parliament for more than a decade.

Government tries again with lawyers bill

With an international anti-money laundering review looming next year, Cayman Islands lawmakers will try one more time to pass modern regulatory legislation for the legal profession.

Lawmakers told caucus makes government land sale decisions

An initial decision on which Cayman Islands government “surplus” properties would be put up for sale was made by the Progressives-led administration’s political caucus, a senior civil servant told lawmakers last week.

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