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Leonardo Raznovich speaking at a 2016 conference on LGBT issues in the Caribbean.

Letter: With same-sex marriage ruling, Cayman became a fairer society

To those that oppose this decision as a matter of principle rather than with hate, I say this: denying two people the ability to love one another, to commit to each other and to support each other throughout life, in good and in bad times, to have that love respected and protected by the country in which you were born and raised, is the cruellest of all evils.
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On gay marriage debate

I recall that about 20 years ago this matter was being discussed in the local churches, and I wonder how many LGBT people those churches have managed to win for the Lord since then.

Gay marriage

Thousands rally for ‘family values’ in George Town

Thousands of people packed the Lions Centre Sunday night for what was billed as the Cayman Islands’ first “family values” conference.

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Politicians, church ministers oppose LGBT conference

The debate over the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the Cayman Islands is heating up again.
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Ministers oppose LGBT event

We are concerned that, under the guise of a challenge to a widely demonized concept – “discrimination,” there may in fact be planned an ideological and moral attack against the mores, values and traditions of our beloved Cayman Islands

Bus shelters and other issues

From years ago I have appealed to our government to erect bus shelters for our schoolchildren but to no avail.

Conference will address LGBT issues in Cayman and beyond

Speakers from around the world will gather in Grand Cayman this weekend at the “Queering Paradigms” conference to discuss social injustices faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer and questioning people in the Cayman Islands, the Caribbean and beyond.

Cayman to host LGBT conference

The 7th annual Queering Paradigms conference, an international conference focused on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues, will be held in Cayman in June.

UCCI students sing for acceptance

Students, faculty and staff of the University College of Cayman Islands offered a special performance last Thursday to promote tolerance and acceptance.

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