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Hew: NiCE ready to assist in dengue fight

The National Community Enhancement programme stands ready to assist the Mosquito Research and Control Unit in its efforts to deal with dengue.

NiCE workers clear sargassum from beaches

Seasonal workers in the National Community Enhancement programme have been removing sargassum seaweed from the local beaches over the past week.

NiCE jobs, if you can get them

Hundreds of Caymanian applicants showed up for the annual year-end National Community Enhancement (NiCE) project at the Lions Centre on Monday, Nov. 19.

EDITORIAL – Bad things can happen to ‘NiCE’ programs

Like many in Cayman, we have spotted in recent days teams of NiCE workers at work alongside our highways, and, frankly, their efforts are making a noticeable difference.

EDITORIAL – A NiCE idea to keep Cayman beautiful all year

Although the putting of extra money in Caymanians’ pockets tends to get top billing in government materials, the NiCE program has at least two other objectives that are even more important to the individuals and the island

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