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Movie review: ‘Stowaway’

'Stowaway' is a Netflix-produced space thriller from writer-director Joe Penna, now available to subscribers. Three astronauts (Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim and Toni Collette) leave...

‘Chasing Coral’ inspires audiences in Cayman

A film screening beneath the stars, with a warm breeze rippling over the sand. It sounds idyllic, but the mood in the audience was somber, even tearful.

EU digital strategy divides, doesn’t conquer

Perhaps the biggest reason Europe has not produced digital economy giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook or Netflix is that there’s no such thing as “Europe.”

A Netflix trick you need to know

When everyone discovered Netflix, it was an exciting day. Thousands of films and shows at our fingertips for only one low flat rate per month, and unbelievably, for once, there was a Cayman version that actually had watchable content available.

Email scammers steal from local bank

A scammer recently gained access to a local bank account, according to the police’s Financial Crime Unit, and stole money from a woman in the United Kingdom using an email scam.

Internet companies blocking pirated content

At least two Internet companies in the Cayman Islands are now preventing customers from streaming movies, television and other content not licensed for broadcasting in the Cayman Islands.

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