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What is the global minimum tax and how will it impact Cayman?

Tax advocates say the global minimum tax will be a major blow to jurisdictions that have no corporate income tax, like the Cayman Islands, and countries with low tax rates.

EDITORIAL – Offshore finance: Time to set the record straight

Researchers such as Oxford-trained economist Diego Zuluaga have pointed out that offshore centres, as important facilitators of aggregate investment, are, in fact, associated with improved economic outcomes.

Vistra: Offshore business moving ‘midshore’

The total number of active companies in the seven major offshore jurisdictions declined in 2017 for the first time in 25 years, according to research conducted by corporate service provider Vistra.

EDITORIAL – ‘Brexit’ and ‘blacklist’: Cayman stuck between the UK and the EU?

The “real victims” of divorce are often the children. We hope that doesn’t hold true for “colonial children,” including the Cayman Islands, in the context of England’s protracted separation from the European Union, known commonly as “Brexit.”

EDITORIAL – One EU ‘blacklist’ and 47 shades of gray

There’s good news, there’s bad news and then there’s … gray news. Developments out of Brussels this week fell in the last category, as the European Union placed the Cayman Islands on a so-called “graylist” — meaning our government has made certain commitments in writing to address EU criteria on tax transparency and “fairness."

LETTER: Do not give in to to EU’s ‘naked ambition’

Premier Alden McLaughlin, Minister Roy McTaggart and Mr. Saunders deserve to be commended for standing up for Cayman’s financial services industry

EDITORIAL – ‘Paradise Papers’: Paging ‘Dr. Phil’

As the Cayman Islands financial sector faces a perhaps existential threat from European regulators, left-leaning politicians, and increasingly irresponsible journalists, our country’s response has been underwhelming, if not blasé.

EDITORIAL – The ‘Bermuda Papers’? Journalism, hacking or financial voyeurism

In anticipation of the sound and the fury that will no doubt define international news coverage of a data breach at Appleby law firm, here are a few of our thoughts on the matter of “leaks,” “hacks” and offshore exposes under the guise of investigative journalism.

EDITORIAL – Standing up to the bullies in Brussels

Make no mistake about it. The EU and its regulatory henchmen (read “OECD”) are not trying to export their failed economic policies. They are trying to export their failed left-leaning social policies.

Company formations bounce back

New company registrations in the Cayman Islands have bounced back in 2017, after a dip last year.

American ‘hypocrisy’: Why the US is now the focus of transparency efforts

In the debate about offshore centers, one nation has quickly become the center of attention.

About 100 companies linked to Cayman in Panama Papers

The Cayman Islands plays only a minor role in the offshore data leak involving the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca.

Travers: Panama Leaks: Through the offshore looking glass

Absent from the extensive coverage of the Panama Papers leak is any journalistic analysis whatsoever of the evident and coruscating irony.

Hay: The case for offshore

Eye-popping revelations in the Panama Papers have fanned concerns that the so-called “tax havens” lie at the center of a giant web of criminal conduct. The uproar invites examination of the role played by such centers in the world economy.

EDITORIAL – Financial services: What is our message, who is our messenger?

When asked about the main risks to their organization that they must manage, leaders of large corporations, regardless of the industry, almost always name their single most important asset: their reputation.

Mitchell: International tax police find new culprit: law firms

The narrative being advanced by international media outlets suggesting that law firms like Mossack Fonseca are breaking the law, or helping others do the same, is belied by the fact that none of them have actually been charged with any crime.

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