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Overstayer amnesty ends next month

An amnesty that allowed people who overstayed their immigration visas due to the COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions will end on 31 Oct.

‘Snowbirds’ ask to stay in Cayman during pandemic

On 4 May, there was an article entitled ‘138 overstayers leave Cayman using amnesty protection.’ In it, Customs and Border Control Director Charles Clifford...

185 leave Cayman during amnesty period

The Department of Immigration announced on Friday that 185 people left Cayman in August, the month that the department was conducting an amnesty program for overstayers.

Immigration taker overstayed 10 years

The first foreign national to take advantage of this month’s amnesty offered by the Immigration Department was a man who had overstayed by 10 years.

Immigration Department begins amnesty for overstayers

Non-Caymanians who have remained in the islands for too long, or whose work permits have expired, will be given a month to turn themselves in to avoid prosecution.

Magistrate suggests overstayer amnesty

The balance between proper punishment and costs to the state was debated in Summary Court on Tuesday when a Jamaican national pleaded guilty to overstaying for six years. After passing a sentence of eight months imprisonment, Magistrate Valdis Foldats wondered if amnesty would encourage overstayers to leave.

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