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Dreyfuss: Oxfam scandal just the latest in a string of insults

Large charitable organizations, such as Oxfam, and UN military missions operate in a bubble of private security, sense of immunity and deference from their grateful hosts.

EDITORIAL – Another ‘blacklist,’ another ‘hit list’ (Yawn!)

There they go again. Another group (this time Oxfam) produces another list of “world’s worst tax havens,” and they slap the Cayman Islands near the top — not because our jurisdiction lacks transparency, or offers anything less than full cooperation with enforcement agencies all over the world, but simply because Cayman itself has no direct taxation.

Government: ‘Critical errors’ in tax haven report

A report by aid agency and advocacy group Oxfam which names Cayman the world’s second worst tax haven – behind Bermuda and ahead of the Netherlands – is riddled with errors and misinformation trying to influence public policy, the Cayman Islands government said in a statement.
Moderator Jeremy Hurst, author Rasmus Ankersen, Minister Tara Rivers, Paul Byles, economist Dambisa Moyo and Health City marketing director Shomari Scott, during a panel disucssion at the Cayman Economic Outlook session, ‘Think: Inequality.' – Photo: David Wolfe Photography

No clear solutions for global economic inequality

While world economic growth is on the rise, inequality has worsened. According to a recent Oxfam report, 62 billionaires now own as much as the poorest half of the world’s population

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