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EDITORIAL – On tact and tactics: The premier’s lesson for Minister Rivers

The counterattack by Employment Minister Tara Rivers against the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce has revealed the existence of an information rift not only between herself and the business group, but also, apparently, between herself and Premier Alden McLaughlin.

Minister dismisses Chamber criticism

Employment Minister Tara Rivers says she is “surprised and deeply disappointed” over criticism by former Chamber of Commerce president Barry Bodden about a lack of communication from government on the Labour Relations Bill.

Great deal

EDITORIAL – Ready2Work: Government’s latest ‘freebie’

We give the government credit for creativity, but we are skeptical that the newly announced “Ready2Work KY” program will succeed in addressing Caymanian unemployment. Premier...

Minimum wage coming in six weeks

Government will introduce a $6-an-hour minimum wage on March 1, Premier Alden McLaughlin announced at the Cayman Economic Outlook conference at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand...

Government to pay wages in back-to-work project

Government will pay up to the first six months’ salary for new workers taken on by private businesses in a new back-to-work scheme for...

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