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Nominees to submit standards declaration for first time

For the first time, candidates putting their names forward as nominees in April's general election will be required to complete and submit a Standards in Public Life declaration.
House Speaker McKeeva Bush

Behind the Scenes: the McKeeva Incident (audio)

News of ‘an incident’ involving Speaker of the House McKeeva Bush at a West Bay establishment has ignited debate and driven speculation in the Cayman Islands. Host Kayla Young interviews journalist Reshma Ragoonath about her coverage of the event, questions about conduct by elected officials, and the #sheissupported movement.

Ethics Law nears commencement

While Auditor General Sue Winspear has welcomed the Standards in Public Life Law coming into force in March, she said she is awaiting the release of the regulations which accompany the legislation.

Standards in Public Life Law to begin in March

Almost six years after its passage, the Standards in Public Life Law will take effect on 1 March, Premier Alden McLaughlin announced in the Legislative Assembly on Friday.

EDITORIAL – Law passed, problem solved … Not even close

As written and approved, but never enforced, the law requires elected politicians, senior government workers and government-appointed board members to disclose publicly their personal interests as a means of identifying potential conflicts.

Bill mandates public disclosures for politicians, civil servants, board members

Elected politicians, senior government workers and appointed board members will have to submit disclosures of personal business interests and finances for public review, according to amended legislation approved by Cayman Islands lawmakers Monday.

Legislative bills: Major legislative changes proposed

A raft of significant legislation – dealing with everything from the protection of personal records, to public officials’ disclosure requirements, to private sector pensions rules – will be addressed in the Legislative Assembly at its April 25 meeting.

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