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Valliere: Senate races, taxes are markets’ focus in early ’21

Rather than focus on the whether the outcome of the US presidential election can still be contested, the financial markets should be concerned with the Senate run-off elections in Georgia on 5 Jan. 2021, says US policy strategist Greg Valliere.

Rahn: A tale of two pairs of states

People voting with their feet is the strongest indication of whether they approve or disapprove of the policies of any state or country.

Thiessen: The GOP tax reform used to be extremely unpopular. Not anymore.

Many voters are going to be pleasantly surprised when they discover their taxes are being reduced thanks to President Trump and Republican lawmakers.

Will: Republicans’ tax wager is worth the gamble

Economics is a science of incentives, and like all sciences it is never “settled.”

On tax reform, US Republicans are ‘defining victory down’

They should have made the case for large reforms that annoy democratically – almost everyone, simultaneously – but for a large purpose.

Mitchell: A tragic, continuing story of fiscal decay

Billions of dollars of wealth have already left New Jersey because of bad tax policy. Yet politicians in Trenton blindly want to make the state even less attractive.

Rahn: Don’t underestimate the sizzle of tax cuts

Congress should not let itself be bound by the CBO projections of the tax changes, given that the office is still using models that fail to adequately account for changes in behavior.

Rahn: The tax cut the US cannot do without

Without cutting our noncompetitive corporate tax rate, businesses will continue to move to the rest of the world, leaving fewer jobs for Americans and less to tax.

A key issue in the US tax debate

Even good-faith policy prescriptions suffer from the same flaw, which is that productivity remains one of the least understood and, indeed, least precisely measured concepts in all of economics.

Will: Fixing the ‘rotting carcass’ tax code

George F. Will WASHINGTON – Cynics are said to be people who are prematurely disappointed about the future. Such dyspepsia is encouraged by watching Republicans...

EDITORIAL – Red letter alert: It’s ‘Tax Day’ for Americans

Attention, Americans: Take the champagne off ice; cancel the catering. Today, April 18, is not a holiday to be celebrated, but an important deadline to be observed. It is Tax Day.

Italy adds Cayman to tax ‘whitelist’

Italy has included the Cayman Islands on the list of jurisdictions it deems cooperative in tax matters.

A real loser of a tax

The issue is of renewed importance because of the rise of new, private digital-like monies (e.g., bitcoin).

Rahn: Looking for loot in other people’s pockets

Well brought-up individuals are taught not to take things from other people’s pockets: “Thou shall not steal.” There are those who never learned the lesson — criminals, and many in the global political class.

Cayman’s 18-month ‘one-time’ budget will be sent to UK

The Cayman Islands government will submit a one-time, 18-month spending plan to the U.K.’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office within the next week for pre-approval, likely to be the last time Cayman will have to do so, according to Finance Minister Marco Archer.

Cayman Airways in dispute with Mexico

Cayman Airways is unable to fly over Mexico because of back fees the country claims it is owed for flights more than a decade ago.

Mihm: ‘Customer service’ at the IRS

For seven decades, the IRS has struggled to answer questions about the increasingly byzantine tax code. Sometimes it has succeeded; just as often, it has failed.

Airport security tax raised more than 30%

The charge levied on airline passengers age 12 and over departing from Cayman that funds passenger security measures has been increased by $2.50 (US$2.90) per passenger, according to the Cayman Islands Airports Authority.

IFC Forum warns common reporting standard will fall short

The IFC Forum, an advocacy group representing financial services and law firms in British offshore financial centers, has questioned whether the new OECD system for tax information sharing will be effective without U.S. participation.

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