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Singh: A Labour Party split is electoral suicide

Labour has been here before. In 1981 [...] a group of moderates broke away to form the Social Democratic Party. The adventure ended in failure, and the 1983 election saw Margaret Thatcher lead the Conservatives to their most decisive postwar victory.

Raphael: The great British education divide

While the details are not yet clear, [May’s] plan seems to make grammar schools more meritocratic and more open to underprivileged pupils.

Bloomberg: Moving UK, EU ever closer to Brexit

Nobody said quitting the European Union would be easy.

EDITORIAL – HSBC and Hillary: When the scales of justice are uneven

In any single place, there should be only one set of laws — applied to everyone, fairly and equally.

EDITORIAL – PM Theresa May: There’s a new lady in charge

From the Cayman Islands to the United Kingdom, we extend a hearty congratulations to new U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May.

Dixey: Brexit – ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’

It was not supposed to be this way. The script was for “Remain” to win with a narrow majority; the high “Leave” vote merely giving the European Union a bloody nose.

Krauthammer: Brexit – Sovereign Kingdom or little England?

Brexit was an assertion of national sovereignty and an attempt, in one fell swoop, to recover it. There is much to admire in that impulse. But at what cost?

EDITORIAL – Vote ‘yes’ for Brexit … Now what?

The people of the United Kingdom voted “Yes” to leave the European Union. But the more pressing question remains unanswered: Who will lead the U.K. out of the EU?

Morici: Britain’s economy after Brexit

This is no time to sell the United Kingdom short.

Post: The Brexit antidote is a strong NATO

How much further the “special relationship” between the United States and Britain will be devalued will depend on what now looks like a very unpredictable course of events in London.

EDITORIAL – ‘Let’s vote on it …’ No, let’s not!

The Brexit decision should have been made by the U.K.’s elected representatives, not by individual voters in polling booths throughout the nation.

Brexit response not robust enough

The government must take this issue of the U.K.’s exit from the EU as a very serious matter ….

UPDATE: Cameron to resign after Britain votes to leave EU

British voters have defied the will of their leaders, foreign allies, experts and much of the political establishment by opting to rupture this country's primary connection to Europe in a stunning result that will radiate vast economic, political and security uncertainty across the globe.

Mody: Drop the ‘Brexit’ panic talk

The doomsday narrative of British Prime Minister David Cameron, the Bank of England and their official friends around the world is setting a course for a self-fulfilling financial panic.


Hammond: Even if Cameron wins the Brexit vote, he loses

Andrew Hammond Nobody doubts that a vote to leave the EU on June 23 could bring enormous change in Britain’s relationship with Europe and its...

Crook: How the EU pushed Britain to leave

Project Fear was a potentially fatal mistake. The positive case for a British future in Europe needed to be made as well.

Morici: UK should vote to leave EU

The EU suffers from chronic slow growth thanks to a smothering bureaucracy and single currency that fits the needs of the continental economy like stilettos on a ballerina.

EDITORIAL – Exit or Brexit, UK must leave

We here in the Cayman Islands aren’t being given a say in whether the U.K. remains with or leaves the EU. We’ll offer our advice anyway: Get out. Get out now.

Will: Britain’s political silliness

Misery loves company, so refugees from America’s Republican Party should understand that theirs is not the only party that has chosen a leader who confirms caricatures of it while repudiating its purposes.

Will: The United Kingdom at the crossroads

Sixty-five years ago, what has become the European Union was an embryo conceived in fear. It has been stealthily advanced from an economic to a political project, and it remains enveloped in a watery utopianism even as it becomes more dystopian.

Bloomberg: UK can’t afford to quit EU

If it votes to leave the European Union in next month’s referendum, Britain will bear a substantial and lasting economic cost: That’s the conclusion of several authoritative new studies.
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Bershidsky: EU could live without UK

There are two sides to any divorce, and the relatively passive partner – in this case the EU – must also consider the impact of losing Britain.

Champion: Obama is right: UK should stay in EU

U.K. voters need to hear what U.S. President Barack Obama has to say, because proponents of leaving the EU have already involved the U.S. in their campaign.

Bloomberg View: Improve UK’s economy through investment

Bloomberg View Editorial Board George Osborne, Britain’s chancellor of the exchequer, depressed both his currency and his countrymen last week with a downer of speech...

Champion: Use ‘EU reform’ to reform UK

Marc Champion Last week Britain’s David Cameron made a rare visit – for a Western leader – to Hungary’s pariah-like Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Cameron...

Qvortrup: Cameron’s inspired Brexit decision

Matt Qvortrup British Prime Minister David Cameron’s decision to allow his cabinet colleagues to campaign their consciences on whether to stay in the European Union...

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