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Wrecks of the Cayman Islands

Beneath the crystal-clear waters of the Cayman Islands lies the wreckage of almost 200 ships. Spanning the centuries from sail-powered British naval frigates to...

Tales from beneath the waves

To kick off a new 'Issues' series, the Cayman Compass explores some of the Cayman's spectacular wrecks.

The real story of Cayman’s most famous shipwreck

The thrilling history of the Cayman Islands’ most famous shipwreck is revealed in a new book penned by the director of the national museum.

Column: Prince Charles and the ‘mad king’

Prince Charles has stated his views on George III on several occasions – he once told a television documentary that he believed George III was one of Britain’s most dutiful, cultured and misunderstood rulers …

National Geographic touts Cayman’s hidden charms

It may only be 26 miles from end to end, but Grand Cayman and its charms were significant enough for a National Geographic publication to recommend an island road trip to its readers.

New book explores the Wreck of the Ten Sail

An exciting new book about the Wreck of the Ten Sail sheds fresh light on one of our most cherished parts of history.

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