Max joins forces with C&W

His name is Max.

He’s compact, attractive and efficient.

He stays up to date automatically and, once with you never has to leave.

Best of all, he’s extremely low maintenance. The only thing you can say about him is he’s not cheap but it’s doubtful you’ll be complaining when comparing him to other models. Max is the newest Internet device in the Cayman market and Cable and Wireless recently unveiled him in true style in the British Virgin Islands.

It seems like this one is a keeper.

Cable and Wireless and AMD forged a partnership to produce the Personal Internet Communicator that is Max bringing together understandable, linear communications technology and accessible marketing and packaging. Max combines the technology of a hardware device (that’s the communicat-or) with Cable and Wireless’s Broadband service (that’s the communicat-ion). Max’s software capabilities are simple – thus making it extremely safe from viruses – but still has one-layer word processing and spreadsheet programmes. With the right Internet connection, customers can use email, surf the Internet and stream audio and video.

These features, both companies hope, will make Max an ideal prospect for first time Internet users and customers who perhaps fall out of the average usage categories.

The end result is a product the two companies hope will increase Internet penetration in the Caribbean spawning benefits such as economic productivity and global awareness. Max is the first in a line of products and services, in particular for the telecom provider that is part of a movement to increase Internet use and proficiency.

‘We believe that with the introduction of Max, we can now make it easy and affordable for all ages to bring the benefits of high speed Internet access into homes,’ stated Len de Barros, Chief Operating Officer who was joined by Ianain Morris of the Personal Connectivity Solution Group of AMD.

Many Caymanian customers will have used Max already following Hurricane Ivan.

According to Alee Fa’amoe, VP Broadband Sevices at Cable and Wireless, AMD donated 40 units right after the storm, so residents could gain Internet access at Cable and Wireless retail locations. Cayman essentially got the first devices off of the assembly line, he says.

He’s confident it’s an initiative that will keep on giving to Cayman as Cable and Wireless strives to get Internet access into more homes in the Cayman Islands and throughout the Caribbean.

The launch of Max is actually part of a larger initiative at AMD, 50 x 15. The company’s goal is to get half of the world on the Internet by the year 2015.

’50 by 15 is a noble cause – it’s about empowerment. 50 x 15 is designed to create economic opportunities. It’s about providing access to incredibly empowering tools – and making sure they are within economic reach for the average family in places like Mexico, Russia, Brazil, China and here in the Caribbean,’ said Mr. Morris.

According to Cheryl Sekel, Max was product-launched first in October in India with partnership with Tata, a well-known telecommunication partner. The product was tested in India, Mexico and Russia.

‘Our parternship with AMD is the first of what we hope to be a bounty of fruit in Max. The technical development team at AMD and Cable and Wireless are already planning enhancements to Max, including an improved word processor and even PowerPoint support among other things.

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