Men tied up again at Ernst & Young

Another tangible sign that life in the Cayman Islands is getting back to normal after Hurricane Ivan took place last week when the accounting firm Ernst & Young reinstated its business dress code.

For the men of the firm, this meant wearing a tie once again, something they were able to avoid as long as the West Bay Road condominium complex Christopher Columbus did not have electricity.

Several of the employees of the firm who were displaced by Hurricane Ivan are now staying in apartments at the complex, which did not have its electricity turned back on until Thursday, 2 December. ‘We used that as the benchmark for the dress code,’ explained managing partner Dan Scott. ‘We said when Christopher Columbus gets power back, the following Monday everyone has to wear ties again.’

Human resources manager Danielle Cococcia sent out a memo to all staff the morning electricity was reinstated, congratulating those at Christopher Columbus for getting power. ‘However, along with the gift of light and cool air comes the wearing of ties and business attire,’ she wrote.

As of Monday, 6 December, Ernst & Young therefore transitioned from a post-Ivan ‘business casual’ dress code to one that requires dress slacks, shirts and ties for men, and skirts or dress slacks and blouses for women.

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