No confidence voted

Executive members of the George Town branch of the United Democratic Party have voted no confidence in Dr. Frank McField as a candidate at the upcoming general elections, throwing the branch into further disarray.

The fast moving disintegration of that branch went even deeper over the weekend when those George Town Executive members got frustrated at the UDP national executive refusal to meet them and submitted their resignations to party Secretary Steve Scott, with copies for party Leader McKeeva Bush and Chairman Billy Reid.

‘Our decision to resign from our positions as officers of the George Town District Committee was reached only after much discussion and debate,’ the letter of resignation read in part.

It was signed by district Chairman Donnie Smith; Deputies Steve McLaughlin and Christine Guilfoyle; Secretary Vera Kissoon; Treasurer Stefan Baraud; and Member Brendon Lyons. Two other executive Members Craig Merren and Erimando Ebanks did not sign the letter, but the Caymanian Compass was assured that they also resigned. They could not be contacted by the time the letter was delivered.

The UDP national executive has been silent on the issue and it is unclear if the resignations have been accepted. Party insiders say that at this time the national body prefers to leave members of the Cayman Islands most populous electoral district to out sort their own mess.

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Mr. McField, an MLA, is also not talking.

‘I have no comment, because I am not the one who is handling the situation’, he told the Compass yesterday.

It is understood that another reason for the district executives tendering their resignations is that a senior district member recently led a troop of about 20 persons in storming an executive meeting. They demanded to be part of the gathering and refused to leave, forcing the executive members to depart from the meeting venue.

Meanwhile, an earlier decision of seven disagreeing members to seek their candidature at the upcoming general elections outside of the party means the UDP still has no George Town candidate for the poll that is just over five months away.

Among the seven who said that they would campaign outside the party is Ms Beulah McField, who denied an earlier Compass report saying it is understood that she may be dropping out of the race. An attempt to interview Ms McField to gather her account of events has been unsuccessful.

Another issue with a potential to make worse the district’s discord is the emergence of what the resigning executives described as an unofficial list of George Town party members.

‘Any private list of any purported George Town district membership is viewed by us as suspicious. Again, we say that such matter of a proper list of members raises a serious [party] constitutional issue,’ the letter of resignation read.

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