Bush not like father

President George W. Bush won re-election, unlike his father, but lags behind the elder Bush in the public’s view of several personal attributes, according to a poll released Sunday.

The current president, however, was viewed as stronger on sticking to his positions, even if they are unpopular.

A Time magazine poll examined public views of President George W. Bush compared with their views of the first President George Bush on which attributes more accurately describes each of them:

* Honest and trustworthy: The former president, by 37 percent to 19 percent.

* Understands the issues: The former president, by 43 percent to 25 percent.

* Likeable: The former president, by 38 percent to 28 percent.

* Has good judgment: The former president, by 43 percent to 21 percent. Sticks to positions, even if unpopular: The current president, by 56 percent to 16 percent.

In each category, the remainder of those polled said both, neither or not sure. The Time-SRBI poll of 1,009 adults was taken Dec. 13-14. It has a sampling error of 3 percent.