Brac swim programme thrives

The swim programme on Cayman Brac was up and running within a week of Hurricane Ivan and offered some serious stress release for the children who came to the island to escape the aftereffects of the storm.

With numbers of school-age kids on the island doubling after the storm, numbers in the programme jumped accordingly, said Brac Swim Instructor Michael Hundt.

‘Swimming provided a good outlet for the children while they were here, and some extra competition for our Brac swimmers,’ said Hundt.

As children return to their homes in Grand Cayman, class sizes are getting back to normal, he said.

‘We’re really glad that the swim programme was able to do its small part to help those affected. Some of the kids had some pretty scary experiences and swimming is a great stress-buster. All of us on the Brac are pleased that the swim programme on Grand Cayman is up and running again, as this is a source of pride for the whole country. We’re looking forward to the first swim meet over there,’ said Hundt.

Hundt, assisted by Michael Dotsko, holds weekly classes for beginner (Fry), intermediate (Shanny), and advanced (Barracuda) swimmers at the government pool next to the high school all year round during term-time.

Before the hurricane, the Sports Department sent new equipment for the Brac, including a clock, swimming floats, kick-boards, pull- buoys, diving disks. These have been a huge asset to the programme, especially during the recent additional numbers to the programme, and we’d like to thanks the Sports Department very much, said Hundt.

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