Good outlook for cruise tourism

Nearly 260,000 cruise passengers could descend on Grand Cayman this January to begin a new year of post-Ivan cruise tourism.

The maximum capacity of passengers for cruise ships next month could total 259,843 if the schedule stays as planned, according to Port Authority sources.

January 2005’s figure is expected to be just a little down on last year’s equivalent, when the maximum capacity for passengers was 263,433.

‘We’re a little down on last year but we’re still getting more demand than we have space for,’ said Port Facility Security Officer Joseph Woods.

Roughly 150,000 cruise passengers descended on Grand Cayman in November when cruise tourism re-started following the passage of Hurricane Ivan.

And with a maximum capacity for just over 230,000 passengers for December, Christmas cruise tourism is looking good.

In fact, this Thursday six ships will call, with a maximum capacity between them of 15,659 passengers, many of whom may do a spot of Christmas shopping in Grand Cayman.

No cruise ships will call Christmas day, but on the 26th there will be a maximum capacity of 5,000 people, the 27th there will be a maximum capacity of 11,000, on the 28th 7,000, on the 29th, 8,000, on the 30th 13,000 and on the 31st 9,000.