Pensions Office gets new chief

The National Pensions Office has a new addition to their team, Mr. Cyril Theriault, who started as Superintendent of Pensions at the beginning of November.

Mr. Theriault’s post fills a regulatory role that helps ensure that all employees in the Cayman Islands are enrolled in a registered pension plan that meets National Pensions Law standards. He will also work towards ensuring that all employers contribute towards their employees’ pension plan, states a press release.

One of Mr. Theriault’s objectives is to educate the public on the benefits of pensions and to increase awareness of the security a pension can bring to retirement years.

‘I look forward to being able to participate in shaping the future of pensions for a whole country,’ Mr. Theriault said. ‘It will be a challenging and rewarding role.’

Originally from Canada, Mr. Theriault was the executive director for the Public Service Employee Benefits Division for the Province of New Brunswick and has over 30 years experience in this field.

As part of their continued effort to educated and inform the public, the National Pensions Office also has plans underway for a website, which should go online in 2005.

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