Seniors celebrate in Savannah

Hurricane Ivan may have changed the venue of the Sav-New CODAC senior citizens annual Christmas party but not the spirit and joyfulness of the people.

The event was held at the Savannah United Church Hall and those who attended enjoyed a delightful buffet, music Christmas music and presents.

Enjoying each others’ company, the atmosphere buzzed with festive gala as seniors enjoyed the pleasant entertainment provided by Noel Wallace on the piano, Joel Rose, sax and Daniel Augustine, drums.

CoDAC Chairperson Heather Bodden did an excellent job filling in for Santa who could not make an appearance as she delivered gifts to beaming seniors.

Also lending a hand were the ever-faithful members of the Lions of Tropical Gardens.

‘We thought that it would not have been possible to have the Christmas Party this year because we had no where to keep the function and with so much happening after Hurricane Ivan,’ said Ms Bodden.

‘But thanks to the Savannah United Church who willing came forward so we could have the use of the hall.

‘Hasty preparations were made in less than a week and after much string pulling, we decided that we would go ahead with the party,’ she said.

Ms Bodden also thanked those who made it possible for the party to go on. She also expressed her thanks from committee members to those who gave so generously.


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